What Goes Into A Piano Lesson?

What Goes On In A Piano Lesson

A typical 45 minute piano lesson to the outsider may look like an easy pace for a lesson. I am asked often if a 30 minute lesson would be possible for themselves or their children. Below is how a typical 45 minute lesson works.  

5 minutes (Warm-up Time)

  • scales, arpeggios, chords played in different ways
  • technique - developing finger strength and dexterity
  • flash cards (for students still learning notes)

15 minutes: The Lesson - Review

  • Play the prepared lesson and set new goals for any part of the music that will be continued into the next week of practicing. (Usually 3-5 songs.)
  • *Work on any trouble sections to move the lesson forward
  • Playing any duet sections with the students prepared lesson songs.

20 minutes The Lesson - New Material or Theory

  • Introduce new music and/or new section of present songs
  • Have student listen to and read through the new music
  • Learn the written part of music (theory) and music history about composers and styles.

5 minutes

  • Used for communication and rewards with the student
  • Overview success from last weeks lesson
  • Review overall goals for the following weeks lesson

A 45-minute lesson can quickly run out before a student usually can accomplish everything. Especially once they have reached the repertoire above second year music and recital preparation.

I have seen a huge improvement with students that take hour lessons. I strongly encourage longer lesson times, especially for those who have completed the second year level music or for any student who is consistently having difficulty with piano practice due to lack of time in the lessons to understand the instruction. 
Hopefully this helps parents and students understand how a lesson is structured most of the time. 
*Anytime I see a student is struggling through a lesson because of lack of some technique or theory knowledge, a typical lesson is put aside to work on this obstacle allowing the student to move faster through the next lesson.
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