Selecting A Piano
  • Selecting A Piano

Aunt Mary's piano has arrived at your home along with a collection of a few piano books. Congratulations, you're fortunate to have inherited a piano. The care of your piano is important and will give you years of enjoyment.

Okay you did not acquire a piano through some relations or found it sitting beside a dumpster and considering purchasing a piano". There are a variety of choices from acoustic piano to electronic pianos. Purchasing a piano new or used through your local piano stores or my favorite, Craig's List will allow you a range of piano prices of a few hundred dollars to several thousands. With a few tips, choosing the right acoustic piano can be easy.

For more information on how to buy a piano click in this link.

Piano Sizes:

Preparing your "piano room" starts with considering the correct "piano size" for the chosen location in your house. All acoustic upright pianos vary in height and take around 5'2" floor space in length. Plan on an additional 3-4 feet of width for the piano bench to be placed correctly when playing the piano.

There are a variety of piano sizes to fit your home. The smallest to largest acoustic upright piano is the spinet piano, studio piano, console piano, upright grand piano. All similar in floor space vary in height of 16 to 52 inches.

The baby grand piano is the smallest of the grands, starting at 4 feet. The standard grand in mid size range is most common found in homes that the space for a music room. The concert grand piano spans up to 9 feet in length. 

Tips On Buying A Piano

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