Questions and Answers

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. My suggestion would be to make an appointment with 2-3 instructors in your area. Know what you are looking to accomplish with your piano teacher. Are you or your child a beginner? Or have you outgrown your last teacher's skills?

Ask the teacher what level and style of music they like to teach most. A teacher that only teaches classical music may not hold the students interest or may not fulfill your musical needs.

I usually do not have a lot of openings in my piano teaching schedule because my students stay with me the duration of their 12 years of school. I believe it is an excellent question to ask in the interview, "Why do you have an opening in your teaching schedule"?

Mostly in the end of the interviews, what teacher did you feel most comfortable with? Remember, you may have this "new member of your family" with you every week for many years to come.

Q. If I were the future student, what would I wish to know about being a piano teacher?

A. Piano teachers are the luckiest people in the world! We are given the honor to give back to the world by teaching music.

Find a teacher that has discovered this truth and you will have added more than music into your life but an important person to share this creative path with.

I choose carefully whom I add to my music life because my students become family to me. When taking a 4 year old student I am aware it is my job to be there every week to support my student through the changes of life for the next 12-13 years. In this age it is nice for children to have an adult mentor in their lives to give them fresh perspective through the eyes of a musician.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right piano teacher?

What is the maximum numbers of students you accept?

How many students do you presently teach?

What is the average age of your students?

There are many reasons a teacher has mostly young students it may be a new teacher or one that does not identify with teenagers. A personal situation that will happen to my studio; I have 5 freshmen students that will give my studio many openings in 2015. The questions above will give you a sense of the reason for any age gaps in the studio.

How long does your average student take lessons with you?

It takes an experienced teacher with excellent communication and creative teaching skills to work with students of any age, including adults. This question may be a tell tell sign of the teacher you are interviewing.

May I have references?

A good teacher will have parents and students willing to rave about their piano teacher.

Do you teach full time or do you have another job?

You are looking for flexibility in their schedules.

What do you require out of me the parent and the student?

If you do not get a clear answer you may want to continue shopping for a teacher. How can a teacher give music instructions if he/she cannot lead this discussion.

Do you have any activities for the students outside of the private piano lessons?

Piano can be a lonely instrument, and theory a boring subject for many students. How does the teacher address this? In my studio we have two fun outings a year that are non-musical, two piano recitals and many impromptu piano parties and theory game days.

Q. What important information should piano students have thought through before seeking me out?

A. I am a full time teacher and work in the privacy of your home. Perfect for home school students and adults  My after school openings during school times are limited to the Arcadia and South Scottsdale along with the Biltmore area of Phoenix  Monday through Thursday. Saturday morning lessons are available also.

When setting up an interview appointment please allow me an hour to talk with you and the student(s). If the student has taken piano before, i would love a few minutes with the students at the piano to evaluate their piano skills and musical background.

Looking for a new piano teacher? Message me,  I look forward in meeting you soon.

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