Piano Waterhole Policy


Private and group lessons are offered on a yearly basis. Unless previously arranged, lessons will be held on school holidays such as Veterans Day etc. Five week months are billed at the same price and may be used as studio make up time. Notification of a schedule conflict and need to reschedule must be made 48 hours in advance. Students who have called in advanced will be notified of any cancellation during the month, and will be given first priority to find another time slot.

Tuition & Fees:

Holiday: Lessons are billed on a 12-month, 4 week calendar year totaling of 48 weeks. Four weeks a year will be taken as vacation time and the Piano Waterhole will be closed: Make-up or billing adjustments will not be made during these weeks for they are not included in the tuition. Separate billing for additional lessons during these four weeks are subject to the instructor's availability.
  • Thanksgiving Week (Thursday - Sunday)
  • Christmas (Christmas Eve through New Years)
  • Memorial Week (or the last week between Spring and Summer Program)
Payments are due on or before the first of every month. Any late payment is not valid for any applicable discount. Lessons will be suspended after two weeks of non-payment whether the student takes the lessons or not until tuition is current.
A $10.00 per student quarterly book/recital fee is payable on the first of every quarter.
  • September
  • December
  • March
  • June (only for students in summer program)
Book and supply charges do not include external competition or recital fees, theory books, flash cards, metronomes, pencils, highlighters, extra curriculum books and other misc items.

Missed Lessons:

There will be no refund or rescheduling for missed or forgotten lessons. A 48 hour notice need to be made in advance to have lessons rescheduled by email or text. Any prepaid lesson are not refundable if student quits.  After waiting time of 15 minutes for the arrival of a student the lesson will be considered cancelled and will not be made up. Lessons will be made up if the instructor cancels. If the instructor is running late the lesson will continue past the allotted time or a make-up time will be arrange. A forgotten, or a lesson not prepared will not be considered sufficient reason to reschedule.


All student have the opportunity to perform in two or more recitals a year. Students may also be invited to participate in other performances and parties through out the year.  Piano recitals replace piano lessons for the following week, allowing the student time to rest and start fresh the following week.


It is expected that students practice daily and prepare lessons as assigned each week before the lessons day.  Parents should help the student arrange a regular practice time free from interruptions and distractions. Piano study involves the art of developing self-discipline as well as developing the skills for performance. The amount of time needed to accomplish a given goal varies for each individual, however the lesson plan is designed to take 10-20 minutes with a preassigned lesson goal in mind to accomplish before beginning each lesson.


It is important that each student has a properly maintained instrument on which to practice. For example, the piano at home should be tuned at least twice a year.
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